Arose From Concrete

Arose From Concrete (AFC) is more than a brand, more than a slogan, and more than just clothing. AFC was created to be the seeds of a different dream, of many dreams. The hope is that the clothing will bring the confidence and solidarity needed for each individual to wear their thorns proudly and find the strength in their beauty. While the words, “We strive to thrive. From the ground we rise. The strong survive.” paint a story of struggle, change, and triumph, this luxury loungewear comes with the quality and design that fosters the confidence needed to break through barriers. 

In Greek mythology pain drew the blood that is said to give roses their mesmerizing color. In Christian culture roses have been tied to the strength and resilience of Mary. In contemporary art a rose is a symbol of endearment and passion. In AFC we strive to combine these and create a community that sees themselves in the rose and considers themselves a pillar of beauty, resilience, passion, and love. 

When you purchase from Arose from Concrete you are guaranteed quality that is intentional and intricate. Our direct to garment printing and embroidering techniques provide premium feel and fit. Although the quality is not all you receive when you buy from Arose From Concrete. Your purchase is more than luxury loungewear. You buy a survivor's suitーone where you can feel the fight in the fabric and the resilience of a rose.